What is a Limited Oral Evaluation?

Dental Screening

A limited oral evaluation, commonly referred to as a dental screening, is performed by a licensed dentist. The dentist will use a tongue depressor and flashlight to look inside a child's mouth to see if any cavities or other dental concerns are present. The evaluation process is completely painless and does not take very long. In second grade children, the dentist will check the back teeth (permanent molars) to identify if teeth can be sealed. Every child receives a note from the dentist that will tell the parent the results of the evaluation or if a dental problem is seen. If an oral health problem is seen (e.g. a cavity), the parent will be asked to schedule an appointment with their dentist. For children who have urgent dental needs, the case managers will follow up with the parent and will help to find a local dentist if needed or if the family does not currently have a dentist. The limited oral evaluation provided by the Miles of Smiles-Laredo program does not replace a regular dental visit or comprehensive examination.